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Doin The Most w/Foxy Rebel Yell

About the Show Vegas is one of the hottest cities in the world, literally and figuratively! From the glitz and glamour of the casinos, resort pools, and wild nightclubs, there’s just so much to see and do! That’s the Vegas everyone knows… Well get ready because I’m here to show you the amazing city of Las Vegas beyond “The Strip!” “Doin’ The Most with FoxyRebelYell” is a fabulous show that’s about what’s hot and happening locally for anyone who wants more than just “The Strip” experience. From the local bars, bands, breweries, shopping and all the hot entertainment your visit to this sexy city just might spice up an otherwise dull Tuesday or any day! Tune in to me, FoxyRebelYell and I’ll have you and your crew Doin’ The Most every Friday from 5-6 p.m. PST, right here on Vegas Raw Radio! BIO Who is “Foxy Rebel Yell?” FoxyRebelYell, aka Michelle has been in and out of Vegas since 1976. Between Vegas, LA, San Diego, Detroit, and Manhattan, she is used to being in cities that are “Doin the Most!!!” However she loves Las Vegas and claims it as home! Foxy loves fab times, meeting awesome people, rock n roll music, a mean Whiskey and the hustle and bustle of the Vegas life!! And, if you’re lucky, you may just find her out and about… Doin’ The Most!